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*Naruto Back on Netflix

September 23, 2008

I know this has been a major concern of those who’ve been wanting to watch Naruto and use their favorite movie rental program to do it.

Well, good news.

Naruto is back on Netflix with 32 discs available to rent.  If they’re sticking to 4 episodes a disc, then up to episode 128 is available.  I think these are still the English only dubs (Japanese is always better) but when comparing both there could be a worse dub as far as voices go.  I think the only problem with this dub is some lines which work all right in Japanese sound pretty much stupid in English.

So if the show is putting you off in English, get on the net and find yourself a Japanese version and see if that isn’t vast improvement for you.  If you like the show in English, Netflix can accomodate.  Hooray to having Naruto back, nonetheless!


*Dilbert The Animated Series: Dull and Disappointing

August 18, 2008

I’ve had this series buried somewhere in the Netflix queue (it’s a problem for folks like me who find the 500 DVDs in your queue limit annoying) and when it appeared on the instaview list, I gave it a look. Now, let it be known that I LOVE the Dilbert comic strip. It’s probably the first one I look for in the “funnies,” and too realistic at times. 😉

I’m an avid fan of The Office and Office Space so you’d think I’d be all over this series. Well, I watched the first episode of the season… It was, well, forgettable. Still, I’m willing to give shows a fair chance. I looked over the episode descriptions and picked another that sounded amusing, still a C- at best.

The voice acting is spot on for the pointy-haired boss–at least I found it believable–Dogbert as well, but everyone else just seemed moderate. The writing was also just moderate (meaning not puke-faced terrible, but not great either). Larry Charles of Seinfeld fame was the head writer, so you’d think he’d have comedy down, but perhaps it was the direction or voice acting that dragged the series down.

There are, of course, Dilbert otakus who love the show and perhaps you’ll be one of them. But if you’re more like me, a when-I-see-a-newspaper, etc. reader, you’ll probably want to pass. For the most part, the funny comes from more bathroom and sexual humor than actual wit or clever writing. A couple of things were amusing, but this show doesn’t even hold a match stick let alone a spark to Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama, or King of the Hill. Let’s just stick to the comic strip.

Comic Strip: A+
Series: C-


*Back to Tradition: Disney’s Upcoming Film

July 31, 2008

I heard about this a while ago. Disney has finally got their head on straight, realizing the old formula always brought them money, and has decided to produce again a hand-drawn animated musical complete with a princess. The trouble is it’s been stirring up trouble.

The Princess and the Frog (traditionally the fairy tale is called The Frog Princess) will be about a girl named Maddy–er wait–Tiana who lives in 1920s New Orleans Jazz Age. Why the big fuss? Well, she’s the first black princess, which I thought was a progressive step forward, but I guess we’re not progressing as quickly as I’d thought.

Originally named Maddy, the character was supposed to also be the chambermaid of a spoiled rich white girl (can you see where the Politically Correct crew is going to go into overhaul already?). Despite the fact that Snow White and Cinderella both began their stories as basically chambermaids, it’s apparently too demeaning for the PC crew. (God forbid any of us have been caught cleaning for money–I have.) Maddy was also thought to be too “slavish” so she got the change to Tiana. (Suppose I’d better inform my friend Madeleine not to let anyone call her Maddy for short). And then of course, instead of realizing that The Frog Princess is actually the real name of a real fairytale and not meant to be demeaning in anyway, the PC crew made certain to see to that, hence The Princess and the Frog. (This I don’t really care about either way, just kind of adds another straw.)

Shame on you Disney, for trying to make yourself more ethnic.

PC crews are also upset that supposedly the prince will turn out to be white. Instead of thinking, “Hooray for racial integration and showing the world we value people for people and not skin color.” they’re thinking, well, the big white man gotta come down and rescue the poor Tiana. *sigh* (see here for Jennifer Daniels, BET, specific comments, which I thought were pretty much racist)

Disney, I suspect even with the changes you make no one on the PC crew will be happy.

Despite all that, hopefully we’ll get a good film in the end (even if “white man” Randy Newman is doing the soundtrack, I mean really, can we say chip on the shoulder PC crew?) and perhaps somehow take that progressive step forward. I’m looking forward to the movie. I missed the traditional films and it’ll be nice to see the princesses include Tiana in the mix.

I’m sorry, but all this uproar disgusts me. Look at the art, Tiana is gorgeous, from the little preview she sounds like a woman with some fantastic attitude (not just a helpless Sleeping Beauty), the animation style looks like what we’d expect from Disney.

And please, let’s leave the PC at home for once


Comic-Con 2008 upcoming

July 28, 2008

You’ve got to love the sore feet, sore shoulders and sleepy feeling of a good ol’ fashioned Comic-Con weekend. It was a blast and it wasn’t at the same time. To be quite honest, now that it’s become trendy to go to the Con, the crowding has become super annoying.

I’m not one to care about whether or not something is trendy, no, what I mean to say is that because it’s trendy it’s crowded and that makes it less enjoyable. How so? Well, picture trying to get in for the Heroes forum and realizing that not only did coming an hour and a half early to get in line availed you nothing, but in looking for the end of the line you realized you’ve done a lap around the building–THE ENTIRE OUTSIDE OF THE SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER.

Still, despite that annoying part, it was in no way a loss going. I got lots of swag, got to go to a fair few of the forums I wanted to go to, saw upcoming previews and found new things to be interested in. (And yes, I made it in to the Avatar panel, that’ll be a story for the sharing).

I had to catch up at work for being gone so long, but I plan to have at least the first day posted for you.

And for the record, I’m seriously considering going to WonderCon instead, simply to be able to get into the forums I came out to the Con in the first place to see. Anyways, time will tell. See you soon.


EI Players and Sozin’s Comet

July 22, 2008

What a ride! I love this show. I’m glad we’ve come to the end so Nick can’t drag us fans around anymore, but I will miss it. My friend calls it Undying Lands Syndrome: when it’s painful to say goodbye to characters you’ve grown to love. So, yeah, I’ve definitely got the ULS–especially in worry of what M. Night might do to these films in live-action. Hopefully it’ll be all right…. Anyways…

The Ember Island Players was brilliant. I’m sure those familiar with anime empathize with me when I say catch up clip shows (or here’s what’s happened to get you up to speed for the next episode when something will actually happen) are annoying. That’s what I loved about the EIP episode. It was a clip show catch up, but done in a new and fun way. (Anyone ever seen Cirque de Soleil’s KA? I swear they were stealing at least half of their material from that). It does also cause one to wonder about how accurate “history” is. 😉

I love that Sokka went back stage to give his Sokka some joke tips and that Toph loved that she was played by a buff n’ stuff man. My favorite quote from this episode:

Zuko: Wait, did Jet just die?
Sokka: You know, it was really unclear.

And then of course Sozin’s Comet. I thought, I’ll just watch a couple parts and then finish the rest later after the BBQ (that I had planned to attend). Yeah, I went to the BBQ late. It was intense and one of the best animated fights (between Ozai and Aang) I’ve seen in a while. I have to admit I got a little teary-eyed when Zuko and Iroh met again (hey, I’m a Zuko fan, what can I say).

And it was a great Aang ending doing things the way Aang preferred to do them (hopefully not spoiling too much if you haven’t seen it). I like that despite what everyone else advised him to do, he still went with what he felt was right and it worked out in the end.

Favorite Quote:

Suki: So wait. How do you all know each other?
Bumi: All old people know each other. Don’t you know that?

Anyways, I guess we can look toward the live-action movies in the future and supposedly some shorter animated movies on Nick just before the M. Night one’s? (I’ve heard this, but can find it to confirm it, so if you know, please post and link it in.)


The Boiling Rock and TONIGHT!!

July 17, 2008

Awwww, don’t you love Sokka and Suki? Hope this isn’t too much of a spoiler, but I think after this episode I’m ok with it likely being Zuko and Mai (not Katara) together.

But I’m not really in the mood for reviewing this/these episode(s). They were awesome, let’s leave it at that.


What would uncle say? (Looks at the sky) Sometimes, clouds have two sides…a dark and light and a silver lining in between, it’s like a silver sandwich! Sooo…when life seems down, take a bite out of the sandwich..?

I’m just really excited for tonight. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any new episodes and I can’t wait for tonight’s!!! From about “The Southern Raiders”:

Katara decides to confront the Fire Nation soldier responsible for her mother’s death.

I’m wondering how they come across this soldier. I was really hoping Iroh would have showed up by now, but maybe he’s just been watching from afar and will jump in the bunch on Saturday during the big finale? I’d love for Zuko and Katara to have at least one more moment before it all ends. *sigh* But, probably not going to happen. The creators love Aang too much and, well, that would be a crappy ending for him–unless he gets killed in the fight. Dunno…

The Avatar creators will be at Comic-Con this year, but that’s the same time as MST3K’s panel, and since all they’re going to really do is watch the last couple of eps from the series, I think my time will be better spent with Joel. 😉

But if anyone out there does go to the Avatar panel, let me know how it is. And hooray for new episodes!!!


The Western Air Temple

July 15, 2008

When last we left the Avatar crew, the gang had escaped to the western air temple with Zuko trailing behind to team up. This episode is all about Zuko trying to get in on the Aang team.

I’m a huge Zuko fan (I’d love Zutara, but creators have said it ain’t happening *sob*), so for me this is some great Zuko play time. In this episode we get to see a little more light side of Zuko–which is awkward and wonderful at the same time. The impressions scene is probably by far my favorite of the episode, as it’s a nice contrast to the usual angst-ridden Zuko we’ve known most of the show.

Mostly for me this episode was a big “FINALLY!” Now for those who don’t know, a lot of the episodes airing Nick this week are both already on the Net and on DVD. So if you can’t wait for more Avatar eps, you can check out Anime4Fans and follow the links up to the 15th episode this season. Unfortunately 16 and above are not really available (there are clips, but meh) until they air on Nick. (The others are available because they aired internationally before here, but now the US is taking the lead on Avatar eps).

Personally, I would recommend limiting yourself to Nick’s schedule (if you haven’t seen all available episodes yet) and go with one a night–if u’ve got cable. It’ll manage the need better.

This isn’t my favorite episode of season 3, but it definitely contains some choice Zuko moments. I’m just glad we’ve finally arrived at the end of the series (aka no more 6 month hiatuses). Sadly, the series will be finished after the “movies” on Saturday, but I think we can all agree it was definitely well worth the trip.


Hello, Zuko here! But I guess you probably already know me… Sort of. Uh, so! The thing is, I have a lot of firebending experience and I’m considered to be pretty good at it! Well, you’ve seen me. You know, when I was attacking you… Uh, yeah, I guess I should apologize for that… But anyway, I’m good now! I mean, I thought I was good before, but now I realize I was bad, uh, but anyway… I think it’s time I joined your group, and taught the Avatar firebending.

Tonight look forward to “The Firebending Masters” on Nickelodeon. The episode is mostly just Aang and Zuko (which provides us with a nice character dynamic) but a couple fun Sokka quips will make it in. 😉