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*Naruto Back on Netflix

September 23, 2008

I know this has been a major concern of those who’ve been wanting to watch Naruto and use their favorite movie rental program to do it.

Well, good news.

Naruto is back on Netflix with 32 discs available to rent.  If they’re sticking to 4 episodes a disc, then up to episode 128 is available.  I think these are still the English only dubs (Japanese is always better) but when comparing both there could be a worse dub as far as voices go.  I think the only problem with this dub is some lines which work all right in Japanese sound pretty much stupid in English.

So if the show is putting you off in English, get on the net and find yourself a Japanese version and see if that isn’t vast improvement for you.  If you like the show in English, Netflix can accomodate.  Hooray to having Naruto back, nonetheless!


Naruto and Netflix?

June 18, 2008

So after I posted my Naruto review, people told me Netflix has for some reason nixed carrying the Naruto series discs. I was puzzled, as not so long ago I’d started the series that way.

My guesses (as nothing is confirmed) as to why Netflix has decided on throwing away some money:

1) People are stealing the discs and claiming they’re “lost” and it’s a hassle for Netflix to replace it. (aka, they’d probably have to buy the box set to replace one disc)
2) They’re thinking about posting it Instant View.
3) Viz Media and Netflix are having issues. This one may be the more likely case. Viz recently made a deal with Amazon Unbox to make Naruto episodes available for download (at $2 a pop, mind). But as of now no one is certain as to their disappearance on the Netflix list.


1) You can watch the English dub (yuck) on Cartoon Network as it goes.
2) You can buy the US release DVDs. (If you have $$$).
3) Until Netflix gets its head back on straight you can try and watch it for free around the net. Anime4Fans has links to most of the episodes. If you want slightly better quality, you probably want to do a UseNet or BitTorrent search. Dattebayo has from eps 91 and up, and probably the best fansubs around (better than the DVD subs). Another option is to just buy a Hong Kong version from ebay, which can range from $17 and up, depending. I did this after 2 discs from Netflix and the DVDs I got were acceptable.


Netflix has a suggest a movie title in their contact us section. If they keep getting emails they’re bound to at the very least release a statement as to why they’ve chucked the series, if not put it back on again. I sent in a request.

For all this trouble is Naruto still worth it? I think if you get a Hong Kong DVD or watch it from the internet, then yes. If you’re going to download via unbox or buy the series, I’d at least try out a few from the internet before investing the money. I love Naruto, but not enough to drop all the money to own it.